The .NET technology provides a new approach to software development. This is the first development platform designed from the ground up with the Internet in mind. Previously, Internet functionality has been simply bolted on to a pre-Internet operating systems like Unix and Windows. This has required Internet software developers to understand a host of technologies and integration issues. .NET is designed and intended for highly distributed software, making Internet functionality and interoperability easier and more transparent to include in systems than ever before. .NET was first introduced in the year 2002 as .NET 1.0 and was intended to compete with Sun's Java. And .NET is very easy but the basics of the C language is required and if you know them then by step you can know and do it well. Unlike Java, .Net is not Free Software, yet source for the Base Class Library is available under the Microsoft Reference License. .NET is designed for ease of creation of Windows programs. Various other implementations of .NET exist, such as the Mono Project, and dotGNU. The vision of .NET is globally distributed systems, using XML as the universal glue to allow functions running on different computers across an organization or across the world to come together in a single application.


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